i love the f-35

In March 2013, USAF test pilots, flying with pre-operational software that did not utilize the all-aspect infrared AAQ-37 DAS sensor, noted a lack of visibility from the F-35 cockpit during evaluation flights, which would get them consistently shot down in combat. Defense spending analyst Winslow Wheeler concluded from flight evaluation reports that the F-35A “is flawed beyond redemption”;[181] in response, program manager Bogdan suggested that pilots worried about being shot down should fly cargo aircraft instead.[182] 

"For sale: J.O crystal, never charged"
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  • knight: so how does the whole summoning thing work? i'd think harnessing the power of the gods would be pretty tricky.
  • summoner: that's not quite accurate. it's less "gods" that i summon so much as...
  • summoner: well, it's hard to describe easily. manifestations of the aggregated beliefs and commonalities of our cultures, represented through a shared symbology that i can tap into.
  • knight:
  • knight: so, memes?
  • summoner: i don't - what?
  • knight: you summon memes.
  • summoner: no, no it's completely different from - i don't summon memes!
  • knight: hey, Y U NO SUMMON ME? haha


sexiest male names of 2014

  1. justin
  2. john
  3. corn
  4. vriska
  5. porkchops
  6. Character Generator
  7. three little lizards
  8. Crimson Dagger
  9. Creepypasta
  10. Harry Houdini

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behind every successful man is a great woman with a gun. put the money in the bag, champ. dont be a hero

Ren Maplewood - level 1 and 2

"What’s ‘kaede’ mean, anyway?"